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A multitude of questions!

I've been interested in airsoft for 4 years and also have a love for firearms, but not the typical love that everyone asscociates with ganster rappers and such. I'm a fan of military history books and have been for about 7 years. Due to this love for the military I joined the Army Cadets but I quit earlier this year do to issues with my life. Now that my mini biography is done I'd like to say that I am a 80 and above average student and will probably be considered dumb or idiotic because I have almost no grasp on grammar.

I'm probably going to go and check out an airsoft game on or around my 15th birthday this year because I want to go out and play a game of airsoft on my 16th. Would I be accepted at one of these games if I went out? Would they limit me because of my age? Would they flat out deny me access to anything on the field?

I personally don't think anyone under 16 should have any pellet/bb/airsoft guns and the like because they're generally immature and like to mess around the end result of which is someone getting hurt. Personally I think I know a lot about gun safety due to being taken to a gun range and being in the cadets, but I'm still unsure about how much I know. Which leads me to my next question. If I showed sufficent maturity and respect for the guns would I be allowed to play at 14 or 15?

I'd thought I'd finish off this incoherent question session with a little bit more about myself and my experience with guns. With the cadets I've fired the Daisy Pellet rifle and attended basic and the CL summer camps with them. On the May long weekend I also got the chance to fire the .22 Caliber rifles (refitted Lee Enfields I think) and the C7 Assault Rifle. I scored high in my corp and got my Cross Rifles and Crowns (I'm proud of that and I'm not trying to brag). At the gun range I visted I had a chance to fire a Glock 19 (I think I even have pictures of that somwhere) and a .22 Pistol.

Again I'm sorry for the incoherency of this post and my lack of grammar.
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