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KSC USP mini-review

So I just picked up a KSC USP (Taiwan version) from and here are some early impressions.

Weight (loaded): 850 grams
Weight (unloaded): 500 grams
Avg. Velocity (using propane and 0.2 gram bbs, and letting the mag warm to "room temperature". ie. warm to the touch): 300 fps.

Blowback on this gun is pretty good. I'd say it's comparable to my TM P226. With the P226 having a slight edge. My WA SCW.2 kimber is much snappier though.

All of the trademarks are present and look decent enough. The markings on the slide weren't very deep and you could tell it was stamped on afterwards (ie. it wasn't part of the mold). Since this is the Taiwan version, there are no markings on the magazine at all except for the HK symbol at the base of the magazine.

To test the accuracy, I fired the gun at a plastic barrel (roughly the size of an oil drum) that was stationed 50 ft. away. I was able to get roughly 75% of my shots to hit it. I noticed a few of my shots were swaying to the left/right by a bit. As a benchmark, I used my custom TM P226 to compare against and for my P226, I was able to hit the barrel at a rate of 95%. I also NEVER saw a bb go left/right with my P226.
I also ran it up against my WA SCW. 2, Kimber Desert Warrior and it fared the worse. I hit the barrel roughly 60% of the time and I noticed a lot of left/right flyers. Almost 25% of my shots had some horizontal movement.

In conclusion, I'd have to say I'm somewhat disappointed with the KSC USP. When you compare it to a TM gun, you really can't match the accuracy. The velocity is also kinda low from a full size gun like this. Inner barrel length is roughly the same as my TM P226 but I'm able to get about 315-320 fps from my P226. The one area where the KSC USP shines is the feel and look of the gun. The slide feels very robust (when compared to a TM P226) and the frame feels damn near identical to a real USP. My only cosmetic gripe would have to be the trademarks on the slide. They look really shallow and fake.

I'm too lazy to take pictures but if anyone has any specific picture requests, just lemme know (oh, and I'm referrring to the KSC USP.. not of myself :mrgreen: )

edit: Ok, I just measured the volume capacity of the blowback chambers for each gun. Here are the results:
KSC USP: 15mm wide x 22.56mm long : Volume = 3986.7 cubic mm
TM P226: 13.77mm wide x 25mm long : Volume = 3723.0 cubic mm
WA SCW: 13.77mm wide x 37.9mm long : Volume = 5644.1 cubic mm

As you can see, the WA SCW traps A LOT more gas than either KSC or TM guns and it shows in the kickback..
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