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Western Arms? What order were you on? Wei-Etech (WE) is the company that makes the baby hi-capa 3.8, not Western Arms. Anyways.. Here's a little blurb I posted on another forum about the gun:

So, I finally got the gun out to shoot, first impressions, not bad at all! The power is decent considering I was shooting outdoors at -7c on propane. Accuracy is good and the hopup is enough to send the shots accurate enough to hit a man size person maybe 100feet away, but not much further.. I will try to test this again and give some better results. I got around 15-20 shots off before running out of gas, and this was like I said.. 7 below zero degrees celcious.

The kickback is nice, better then my KJW m9 and elite 1a, but not quite as good as my KSC Glock 19 with metal slide, barrel and guarder recoil kit. I would say its a heavy kick back, but a bit sluggish.. not sluggish as to prevent some rapid fire or double taps, just notably slower then my glock is. Atleast its faster, and harder then my KJW's.

Build quality is very nice, except for a couple small things. On the pre-order I was in, some of the guns had grip safteys that didn't work, I don't know if this is due to a bad leaf spring or what, because mine works and I haven't opened one that doesn't work. The only thing about MINE that I don't like is that the right side saftey (if you are looking down the gun) is loose and sloppy. It connects to the safety on the left side through what I would describe as a triangular allen key thing and as a result of not-so-amazing moulding.. its not an amazing fit and it will be sloppy. I have confirmed this with a couple other 3.8 owners that were in on the same order as me, all of them have a simular problem.

I also found the mags to have a sloppy fit in the magwell, simular to say.. my KJW m9.. I prefer a solid fitting mag, maybe because i know and assured that I am getting a good gas seal, but so far so good. The gun fires nice, kicks nice and works good despite me shooting outdoors in this Canadian winter. Tonight I hope to try it out indoors, around 20 degree C, should give me some better results.

Overall conclusion: For the 200$ price tag on this gun, its a damn fine little gun. Solid metal, its very heavy and hefty feels very durable and shoots just great. The hop up is nice and level on .2g and I was hitting a tree in my lot consistintly around 70 feet away. I am impressed with this little WE gun and would highly recommend it to someone looking for a cheap, full metal 1911 custom.

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