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WE Baby 3.8 Hi-Capa.

Edit, I had made a severe mistake on the maker. Nevertheless it does not change my impression

First impressions. (Note that this is based on a quarter century of experience with real Colt firearms, including gunsmithing them).

Just got it, unfired, new in box, from DEA (thanks Randy, excellent service). Dont plan to fire it anytime soon, so dont expect a review on that.

As compared to the real thing:
Weight: so close to the same it's a moot point.
Finish: Looks like a phosphate finish, or a sandblasted finish. Nice and matte, and I prefer that.
Sights: metal 3-dot, fixed.
Frame and slide: all metal.
Controls, grip safety, etc: all work as they should. Ambidextrous safety is a neat bonus. Hammer does have a half-cock safety feature, and that is a detail I did not expect.
Trigger pull: reasonably crisp. Trigger is skeletonized type. Hammer is rounded.
Frame: is grooved under the barrel to allow attachments.
Markings: Caliber and model name are on par. I prefer no markings at all, but that's not important.

Frame fit: Actually tighter than a real Colt. Barrel seems a tad loose, but I'm used to National Match Colts. Compared to a military grade Colt, it's equal. Research is in order next time I talk to my sources for parts that should fit...

Takedown: identical to a real Colt. Removing the slide exposes the adjustable hopup wheel. And that too is a nice touch.

This is the first WE Airsoft gun I own, and now I agree they are an excellent deal.

To anyone else who went with the deal from DEA, I assure you that you're going to really enjoy this gun.
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