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Originally Posted by GraveTech
Until a sanctioning body can control airsoft games in a totalitarian way (and that may not be a good thing) there is no way to enforce rulings on those who don't sign contracts.
There is a sanctioning body that controls Airsoft games - it's called HOST/FIELD OWNER. Don't get me wrong, I know what you are saying, but I think a lot of players need to get out of their backyard so to speak and go and visit these other fields in person - and make the realization that their 'mandates' are in line and in tune with most other fields. Sure there are slight exceptions but this is usually environmentally influenced – so really, where is the requirement for this association when, in theory, it’s already there? There’s not enough awareness on that topic.

Come on guys - road trip. It's worth it.

You can enforce these sorts of arbitration rulings if BOTH PARTIES agree to abide by arbitration in the first place – but like Pyle and MadeMan said – most people if not satisfied, will tell everyone to screw off and do what they want regardless. Good luck getting buy-in at that point.

Still, having aided in a few arbitrations myself, I support the idea, to whatever degree of formality it would need. Why not just make it a service for a start, instead of these overwhelming organizational schemas with various levels and ranks and broad sweeping organizations – sounds like this is something as simple as making someone a moderator on a dBoard.
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