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I could be dead wrong but in terms of REALISM maybe SMG's and machine pistols should be allowed to have full auto at TTAC3 and long arms (shotguns, assault rifles) should be semi only. I dont want to start a flame war I just wanted to start an open, respectful and informed discussion. I have had an excellent time when I have played at your field Brian and I would like to play there again so please don't ban me 'cause of a little disagreement :wink:[/QUOTE]

Modern Canadian and American and american military doctrin for ***precision** room clearing indicates semi automatic fire, When I was trained in percision room clearing in the 1980s this also was doctrin.

For agressive building clearing the use of fragmentation grenades and full automatic fire is SOP.

As far as TTAC3 is concerned the principal reason we stick to semi is that the walls we use are not "bullet absorbing" and full auto fire results in many many ricochettes .. making determining effective fire very difficult.

there are and will be certain situations in which I will allow full auto fire for certain people at certain times.. but 10-15 people all going rock and roll .. tried it.. it was stupid, and nothing was gained.

At the end of the day you can dissagree all you want... won't get you banned .. but it is my house.. my rules, no room for debate
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