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Lightbulb OOPS!

Heh, I guess my post was kinda long winded Ill reiterate what I said in less space...

Originally Posted by lt_poncho
Last I checked when SEALS doing IAD's in training the objective was to put as many rounds downstream as possible. Full auto has an use - if used effectively. Thing is they have to change mags after 30 rounds.

Airsoft barrels just don't heat up and matter how long your battery can last.
I know that it has special applications...CQB is one of them. Im saying its more realistic to have the option when playing CQB in TTAC3 WITH LIMITED AMMO IE 30 AIRSOFT ROUNDS...

Originally Posted by MadMax
I think some particapants in this thread are forgetting that this thread is an announcement, not a debate.

Brian runs his field as he sees fit. If you would like to see a change in arena policy, the best forum to discuss it with him is at his facility. You'd also have a better handle of what to ask for once you've played the place.
DUDE I HAVE PLAYED THERE. You're right it's not a debate but we're talking about increasing the realism factor with limited ammo so alls Im saying is the next step is to allow for full auto. I will talk to him about it if he likes next time Im there, but I was using this FORUM to discuss it cause thats what forums are for.

hehe, now Ill remember NEVER to write a long post again.
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