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Proposal to the community - CASRDC

This is a quick proposal I slapped together at the end of my work day. This may not seem necessary right now, but it could only help the community.

Canadian AirSoft Dispute Resolution Council - CASDRC

Purpose: To provide a last-line of bias-free dispute resolution (arbitration, mitigation) to the members of the Airsoft community in Canada.

Area of Responsibility: The council would be responsible for cases submitted by community members directly involved in a dispute. These disputes could be a result of trades/sales of equipment, local field regulations (primarily regulation establishment) or any other dispute involving one or more members of the community.

Council Members: The council would be made of several members from the Airsoft community who would coordinate dispute resolutions, set CASDRC mandates, regulations and policy, and help maintain an environment suitable to the growth of Airsoft in Canada. The council will be responsible for screening dispute resolution requests, ruling on the recommendations of Arbitrators and ensuring that resolutions are successfully applied. At any given time the Council will represent the distribution and disposition of Airsoft players throughout the country.

Arbitrators: Arbitrators would be picked on a dispute by dispute basis. These persons should be senior members of the community with no affiliation, familiarity or bias to the parties involved in a dispute. In some cases these persons may be required to have certain skills, degrees or standing as the Council sees fit to carry out dispute resolution. The Arbitrator will hear all sides of a dispute before making recommendations to the Council.

Dispute Submission: In order for a dispute to be brought before the CASDRC, all parties involved must agree to include the CASDRC in the resolution. A submission must be made to the Council who will than assign an Arbitrator suited to solve the dispute.

Decisions: After hearing from all concerned parties the Arbitrator will submit a report to the Council which summarizes fairly, the dispute and contains recommendations regarding a resolution. After reading the report the Council will decide if the recommendations are fair, and will resolve the dispute. Any Council members who have a direct relation to this dispute will not be included in the decision making panel.

Binding Resolutions: Before proceeding with dispute resolution, all parties involved must clearly agree to, understand and sign (in writing) to be legally bound by the decision of the CASDRC.

Just an idea, but if you are interested, please post. If enough people are interested I'll slap up a webpage quick somewhere. This really needs the support of senior members and team leaders (as well as their teams).

Don't flame, I want this kept civil, please.

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