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Originally Posted by lt_poncho
Originally Posted by Quaff
I hope there is room for an exception here and there. I have played TTAC a few times now and if you remember me Brian, you may remember that excessive fire is not my thing. But mags are expensive and I supply for a few of my less fortunate friends from time to time. Owning 3 AEG's is expensive enough without having to buy loads of mags for each weapon. Also there are no lowcaps for my newest gun which I bought with TTAC3 in mind, the STAR UMP. I would have no problem with being disciplined for breaking any rules, but I like playing at TTAC and cannot afford (and in the UMP's case, GET) lowcap mags for everything. I have a few mid-caps and a High-cap for my current AEG's, but having only played for less than a year, it is difficult to keep up.
There's always room for exception - it's the willingness to adapt and promote the concept is what the objective of the scope is. Eventually someone makes a 'low cap' for these mags - seems that STAR has responded to a market demand. It just takes time.
What he said...

I don't want this rule to exclude anyone from participating.. everyone has limitations that they must work around.

It is the idea is that people will not rely on unrealistic ammo capacities to acheive advantage.
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