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Originally Posted by Capt.erHead
Hey Brian,
I really like the idea that we have to use real mag capacity, but to INCREASE the realism why can't we have full auto as well? Realistically, full auto for CQB is why the submachine gun was 'trench broom.' Now that we can't hose people with hundreds of rounds it will lead to even more realistic firefights. I understand the 'pain factor' and 'danger factor' but pain is part of the game and I really dont think that with 30 rounds total it's that much more dangerous than semi only.

just my 2 cents...I really miss full auto when playing ttac3 :cry:
Full auto is rarely used for room clearing anymore. It's just too inaccurate and wasteful when one or two rounds in semi can do the job just as good. That's why the US has gone to burst round M16's... troops were depending on full auto way too much. Now I'm not saying it's never used... cause that would be an outright lie, but the majority of CQB/MOUT/FIBUA/whatever-you-want-to-call-it training now is done semi only.
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