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Originally Posted by Capt.erHead
Hey Brian,
I really like the idea that we have to use real mag capacity, but to INCREASE the realism why can't we have full auto as well?

Umm... I'm not sure about that. We've had a few games with full auto fire in them, and the results were not encouraging.

There was one game I can vividly remember where it was a "one man's alone in that building, and he can fire full auto." When we rushed the building, I, the sorry second in, was hit seven times before I could call "hit". With semi, you'd get hit maybe twice before you can call hit.

When you think that we play probably 30 runs of the scenario in a night, that's a lot of welts to count up when you get home. Add to that two or three times a week, and you're looking at a very interesting skin complexion.
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