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Originally Posted by Quaff
I hope there is room for an exception here and there. I have played TTAC a few times now and if you remember me Brian, you may remember that excessive fire is not my thing. But mags are expensive and I supply for a few of my less fortunate friends from time to time. Owning 3 AEG's is expensive enough without having to buy loads of mags for each weapon. Also there are no lowcaps for my newest gun which I bought with TTAC3 in mind, the STAR UMP. I would have no problem with being disciplined for breaking any rules, but I like playing at TTAC and cannot afford (and in the UMP's case, GET) lowcap mags for everything. I have a few mid-caps and a High-cap for my current AEG's, but having only played for less than a year, it is difficult to keep up.
There's always room for exception - it's the willingness to adapt and promote the concept is what the objective of the scope is. Eventually someone makes a 'low cap' for these mags - seems that STAR has responded to a market demand. It just takes time.
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