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So i was walking around CT today after my exams...I went to the ugh...softair/paintball section and to my amazement found that they had the TASCO RDS after recently accquired some Red Pocket Money(sounds soo communist...execpt for the money part...hahahahahaha) and I had a spending high. I bought the Tasco RDS for 49.99+ 7.49 tax....I got like 60 CT cents back though. It took like 3 mins for the clerk to get the RDS from the case to the cash because she enjoyed taking her sweet time by doing inventory on the way. >.<

After examining the awsomely difficult to open package I proceeded to carefully use an exacto to cut it open. After I extracted the RDS I took the shabby lens caps off and turned it on counter clockwise to 11. I looked into it and found that it was quite good though the dot was a little big for my taste.

Mounting it onto my UTG Scope mount was a piece of cake. I just toke a dime and put some electrical tape on it to prevent scratching the knobs and slowly affixed it onto the weaver rail. I switched it on again and tried to aim at various objects around the room. I noticed that it took a lot less time for me to accquire targets.

I noticed there was a lot of dust on the bottom of the RDS so i just took a can of duster and dusted it from 12 inches away. The lense cloth it came with is quite good. Instructions is nice but its useless as this thing is idiot proof. The external finish is well done execpt for the lettering that makes it look a little weird. Tasco REDDOT on the left side but I can easily paint over it or leave it be.

It uses a 3V button style battery that is easily found...the battery compartment is on the top of the scope so no need taking it off and risk rezeroing...

Here's the professional looking specs...

Model Number BKRD30

FIELD-OF-VIEW: 57' @ 100 yards
LENS COATING: RubiconŽ multi-layered, fully coated
EYE RELIEF: Unlimited
RETICLE TYPE: Illuminated 5 M.O.A Red Dot, 11-position Rheostat
WINDAGE/ELEVATION: .5 @ 50 yards
TUBE DIA: 38mm
WEIGHT: 6 oz.
LENGTH: 3.75"
FINISH: Black Matte, AWF All Weather Finish
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