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Originally Posted by Wiersema
Personally I beleive that all airsoft games held should be played with "realcap" mags only. Any games with organization. The only weapons that should use highcap mags should be the M-249's. But those should be loaded to a max of 220 rounds as per real ammo boxs. As per how many mags a player should have. The number should be 5 along with 100 rounds to rebalm mags. As this is how much ammo a CF member carries on operation.
As said before 1 bb does not equal one real world round and never will. Perhaps in OBUA it's not so bad, but definetly not true when playing anywhere with vegetation. Also, CF members use as much as needed. My buddy just got back from Kabul not too long ago. He was issued 15 mags along with an extra 100 rounds. (10 always loaded and 5 unloaded). The five is rotated through the other ten in order to ease the compressed springs.
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