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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
Effective Feb 1 2005 highcap magazines are banned at TTAC3and at EOTEC
*points to bottom userbar of sig* :tup:

Originally Posted by Brakoo
I doubt I'll ever attempto one of your event guys but to make it easier for everyone maybe you should get your hands on loading rods and cut them to a 33 bbs lenght. I know that for people who uses a BB loader, like me, it's not always tempting to start couting the BBs you drop in your loader to make sure you get your realistic loadout.
Cutting is not necessary. Take any standard clear loading rod and count out 33 BBs once, then mark the top BB's position with either some tape or a marker. That way you can still use your loading rod for larger cap mags wherever else you use them. You can also use this method to mark off several capacities on the same loading rod.

I foresee P90s becoming a lot more popular at this venue...
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