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I letting my younger brother ( 18 ) try out my new TM Benelli M3 S90 in the crawlspace under our garage. This crawl space used to be part of a cellar type thing, I donít know what the original purpose was. Itís located underneath the garage about two feet lower than the basement and it had three separate rooms there are one main room and two smaller ones off the main, that are connected by two doors. We just use it for storage.

We were in one of the smaller rooms, shooting at a cardboard box with a paper target and a piece of carpeting to stop the shots. He remarked that it might be easier to calk the shot gun if you lowered it off your shoulder and shot from the hip. He did this, and totally missed the box. The short ricocheted off the wall directly behind the target box and too out a florescent light hanging from the ceiling. This light only source of light in the room, fell and shattered on the floor. So were plunged into darkness with the door on the other side of the room and on the wall to our left. Neither of us had bothered to turn on any other lights besides this room so it was completely black and our door way out now had broken glass somewhere between it and us. I had to use the LCD display on my cell phone to somewhat light the way out and avoid the glass. We both managed to somehow get out with out getting cut.
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