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TTAC3/EOTEC goes to "Realcap" only

Effective Feb 1 2005 highcap magazines are banned at TTAC3and at EOTEC

In addition magazines must be loaded with realistic counts. 30 round magazines are to be loaded with 33 rounds for AEG. For indoor games at TTAC3 . For outdoor at EOTEC the capacity of the lowcap will be taken as a simulation of a "full mag" this is to take into account the ability of targets to feel a single bb impact at the outside effective rage of these weapons.
Midcaps may be used but for indoor must be loaded to "realcap" levels and outside to Realcapx2.

In the future ammo restrictions will be published in term of "magazines" with a magazine ment to mean a "realcap" for indoor and a "lowcap" for outdoor.

(Realcap meaning a lowcap or midcap magazine loaded to 33 rounds , or the "realsteel" capacity plus 3 follower rounds. Pistols due to their nature as a close combat weapon will always be restricted to "realcap" loads)

Pistols also are to be loaded with realistic loads. If the replica you are running has a 7 round single stack mag.. then your mags should be loaded with 7 rounds.

experience has shown that in most of the engagments at TTAC3 30 rounds is sufficient to resolve the situation.

As a learing and training environment it is encumbant upon us to strive to realism in our Tactical Scenarios.

In my opinion having access to some 300 rounds or more will induce one to be come overreliant upon volume of fire to deal with circumstances that may be better resolved with skill.

I will endeavor to have in stock a selection of lowcap magazines should someone visit that has none.
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