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We were out hunting at the LZ and were rounding a bend in an ATV trail. Someone laying down in the grass let off a bust and to avoide being hit in the head, I dropped to the ground. Well the foregrip of my SR16 landed against my knee and my body fell on the gun. Took the metal butt-plate right in the chin. Felt like I knocked myself out. Ooooo, I was sore.

+40 temp. New Tm Hi-capa 5.1 fired at our target. the force blew the slide back more then its susposta and it sprayed silicon and propane in my face. That sucked.

Oh, and last game last season. The LZ's killhouse is on a lower section of the property that was cut out of the rock when it was owned by the quarry. So what you get is super smooth and flat rock about 50m wide and prolly 800m long. Well, after lots of rain there was that green slime everywhere. Our team had been stuck inside the killhouse for close to an hour with the enemy team surrounding us trying to get our VIP. We finnaly decided to kick down the barricade and rush out the door and into the bush to extract. Well, I was covering the rear so I was out last. I run out the door at full speed, spin to cover the flank...but I dont spin, I loose my footing and slam down, knee first into the rock.
I scrambled and got up and kept running, but got shot in the ass afterwards.
Needless to say, it didnt bother me till a few hours later. Fractured knee cap. boo
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