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Originally Posted by yudam712
P.S: Im on a really tight budget so dont blame me for asking.
Originally Posted by firemachine69
Then you're not in the right sport. Go looking elsewhere.
Wtf is your problem?

Yudam, i found this on the net.

The AIM TOP M4A1 is an affordable M4 for everybody! Body made by high-impact ABS plastic and finished in matte dark grey, the gun looks quite good and similar to the more expensive Tokyo Marui M4A1. Metalized components add extra durability to the gun. Most of the spare parts are exchangeable with other brands like Systema, PDI, Angel, Deep Fire, etc. (except ICS).

Metal parts include the trigger, trigger guide, selector lever, bolt catch, mag catch, magazine, clamp bar and the fixing ring. Extendable stock allows you to adjust the length of rifle to get the most comfortable firing position! Metal sling mounts allow attachment of sling. Metal dust cover flips open when you pull back the charging handle.

Performance is quite good with a solid sounding gearbox and impressive power at 340fps for 0.2g BBs. Fine tuning of the BB trajectory is possible thanks to the precision hop-up system located inside the dust-cover flap. This gun comes with a Hi-cap 300 round wind-up magazine so you don't need to keep on reloading. Plastic flash-hider can be removed but there is no barrel thread to screw on a silencer. Silencer lovers should opt for QD type silencers that attach over the flash-hider. Detacheable carry handle with flat top rail for mounting scope and other accessories. Battery is stored in foregrip. Gearbox is very upgradeable with all Systema / Marui / Deep Fire components for 400fps + performance easily.

RedWolf's impression: What this gun lacks in metal parts and trademarks, it makes up for in a good performing, reliable, good sounding, air-tight gearbox that is well suited for upgrades. Surpassing other new manufacturers in gearbox reliability, we like the AIM M4 given it's economical price!

Available again in January 2006

If this gun turnes out to be like UTG or SRC, it is definately a better buy than TM for sure.

Hope this helps!
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