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Originally Posted by porry
yeah this dumb ass goes to C.I.S a sped school for failiers in life which cant pass a class in an aordinary public school. some even get kicked out of that school to lol and that school has like 2 teachers per student lmao so you woulld think thses kids would get enough help

Hmm, lets not make fun of people for being idiots and failing in school when you yourself can hardly make a understandable sentence.
Exactly, Craig, learn how to write properly before making fun of other people.
That story about 18y.o "breaking" in doesn't make any sense to me. Sounds like a bunch of BS, but if that "random fat kid" did restrain the shooter he might have saved your eyesight, so think before you say.

To all people who were talking about shooters brain matter, talking about hurting him and so on. We all know what he did was wrong, no need to repeat it fifty fucking times.
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