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Originally Posted by Slightly Mad
Originally Posted by CannonFodder
good point.....fuckin gangstas. I can't wait till the coolness of "gangsta" styles is over, seriously they're just a bunch of guys who act black, and have their pants so low that they walk borderline retarded :lol: HOLY FUCK I used a smiley too! 8) wow, and another one
Indeed. Unless it's 30s 'Al Capone' gangsta with a M1a1 or 'Chicago Typewriter'

Capone never used an M1A1 that wasn't available until 1942 and for the army only.

Originally Posted by Slightly Mad
I remember being suspended a week for bringing a slingshot to school and several detentions for just drawing guns during class. They said I was an at risk student and had to have a talk to a school constible. Although, the cop let me look (not hold) at his pistol.

It's sad that mere drawings get you in trouble, though odds are you weren't supposed to be doodling during that class. Leave the toys at home, even on halloween.
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