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No no no no and no to you all... you know what they should do with this kid? through him in an ADULT Jail... not Juvi... you know the saying... this is your butt out of prison ().() this is your butt IN prison... ( )O( )...

This kid think he's got the balls to walk into a building with a gun and be all big mofo man... TREAT him like one... arrest him give him the 5 year minimum for a weapons charge and toss him in jail no parol...

I am all for people having the right to have guns... but the only way anyone is going to control it... is to be strict!!! on the guys who are breaking the rules.. CannonFodder as fun as it would be to get 30min... I think 30 minutes minimum every night for the next 5 years would be MUCHO better...... and when he gets out?.. he won't be a big mofo man no more... but a loose old sissy! and who knows what STD's insue...

heh heh heh
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