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Originally Posted by yanhchan
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Naw, just give us the leagal right to carry, and defend ourselves. Guaranteed, violent crime will go down.

dunno about that, the population might go down.... think of how many idiots walk into places with airsoft guns, now replace them with REAL guns and do the math.

Yeah but they're probably gangsta wannabes who hold guns sideways...and can't hit a can without firing 1000 shots from 3m away... :nod: (this is the first time i used a smilie...soo proud!

good point.....fuckin gangstas. I can't wait till the coolness of "gangsta" styles is over, seriously they're just a bunch of guys who act black, and have their pants so low that they walk borderline retarded :lol: HOLY FUCK I used a smiley too! 8) wow, and another one
"Now son. Anyone comes throught that door, You put two in their chest and one in their head for me....Alright?"
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