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It is connected to shore power
and lites work on all levels
we turn some off in night games and use remote controlled strobes sometimes

the lease is low enough that we only pay 10$ for night games 20$ for all day games except myself of course and the others that help me with the field games ect.

we have lower day rates for other clubs that run their own sim games on their own days.

the cqb field and outdoor fields are non profit setup
separate from store but supported by matt some prizes forums ect.
outdoor is a 5-10$ club fee to whoever's club organizes the games

gun give aways on special event game days for outdoor and cqb occasionally

night games are mostly run and gun type games allot of influence from (rainbow six 3 black arrow ) and ghost recon with cafeteria assaults 5to 1 ratio of people defending to attacking in full auto unlimited ammo is a game type we play for the last hour at night 3-4 tracer units ect

most other games are semi auto except car deck battles it is over 300' long

we also have a target timed area on car deck we are trying out this Sunday

matt hosts our club and founded op-for mission and is one of our paintball team sponsors (paintball related mostly ) and for special event game give aways.

Myself along with some help from our team members get all the field flaying areas for us for both airsoft and paintball and my cabinet business our primary sponsor for this

the ferry is only used for airsoft a cqb would get messy fast with paint

we plan on playing on the ferry even in the summer months just half as much in summer with our outdoor games alternating weekends

pm me if you want to plan a event it is low$ for the quality of field and you should see the other pics in some of the forum links guys have taken recently.
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