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BC Airsoft Supply Review

BC Airsoft Supply - The Review!

Well, it's that time of year again. The time of the year when I have alot of time on my hands, a new gun, from a little known retailer and it's too cold to have a game.

So, as you may likely have noticed from the title, this time I'm giving BC Airsoft Supply a good old review. Last time, I reviewed Canadian Airsoft, as you hopefully read in the reviews section. So, as a buying point in my multiple point 'lowball the ball less retailer' strategy, this was a main point.

Though I mention Lowballing, Sam does discount for bulk purchases... but really, the guy works at a microwave factory, try to help him out. And anyway, the price is already so good, why try to drop it?

The packages the guns come in are the UTG MP5, two high caps, awesome mini battery, charger, etc. All those little things to fill up the box. But, to add to the fun - Sam even tosses in a bag of FREE Excel 0.2g BBs. Now how great is that? Think of it this way, it gets so much better... The whole package, without any bulk ordering, etc. costs a mere $200.

That's right, two hundred. When we heard that, we hopped on this deal like a cat for a can of tuna (see bit about the hop-up).
And yes, tax is included in the price.

Some things that you may be interested to know about the retailer,
-Adjustable on prices for orders of 2+ Grab a buddy and his wallet!
-Locations in both Canada and the USA. Meaning that he imports his guns from his American branch.
-Doesn't currently accept EMT. Paypal is prefered.
-Uses MSN Frequently!
-Uses ASC Frequently under the username 'sam0182' Click to PM!
-Definately the best responses and response time I've ever had. Even Better than Canadian Airsoft!

Some really interesting things about the future of BC Airsoft Supply,

-Sam himself has actually been working directly with FMC and will likely be the main distributer in Canada if all goes as it is. Currently, he is about to recieve a couple of their metal bodys. FMC's first product will likely be a G&P Aimpoint clone.
-They will also be getting in some of the UTG AKs at some point, though, Sam is waiting to order them purely because the first couple versions usally have some glitches.
-BCAS is also considering importing some of the AIM products.

Some 'Interesting' things about the gun and it's package itself,
First of all, the hop-up smells like tuna. Yes, tuna. Maybe lard. Seems it isn't silicone they lube it with. But that doesn't affect it one bit though, works great. Though, I highly recommend you clean the barrel (with the included rod) as it seemed a bit crappy when I got it, but after a nice clean, looks real smooth.

One of the weird things I found about this gun is that the full stock will only hold about a 1300 to 1500 mah battery (DO NOT quote on that) without some modifications, and it's not like it's made for the mini either, it rattles quite a bit.
To rewire the battery to the stock, there is a mini connector visible through the rear of the gun. Unluckily, you have to totally take the gun apart to disconnect the two connecters. The first time it took me 6 hours, the second, third and fourth time, it took me one hour to take it apart and rebuild it.

About the high caps, personally, well... as for the tale that they only have enough 'wind capability' to push 50 BBs into your gun per full wind, it's untrue, I just shot the whole mag with still some spring. BUT, I believe it is isolated, possibly do to a bad hop-up, but I can only shoot semi auto or it doesn't feed fast enough. Though, I did get a Star mag too, and that feeds great. Definately recommend you pick up a box of them.

And, of cource, Note that I have painted the tip black from red.

Notice the bag of Excel BBs there, that comes free.

I feel safe to say that this purchase went over totally without a single hitch.
Sam at BC Airsoft Supply definately, without a doubt, has the best ever service I have ever had in the airsoft world. Their selection of guns is very unique and their price even better.

If they have the gun you want, you can definately feel safe that they have the best price and the best service in the country.

Now, the only thing possibly better than this is one thing... BCAS importing us some of those VFC AKs!

Any questions, comments, suggestions, and picture requests are welcome! Click here to PM Sam0182
(Sorry, no inner mechbox pictures, and if you want me to take the gun apart again - you better be real nice)
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