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I had just recieved my brand new CA870 Charger. Brought it home, something was funny with it. The outer barrel seemed bent downwards too far, I thought it might have just been an optical illusion from the tapered barrel. It wasn't shooting straight at all, so I took the outer barrel off to have a look. The inner barrel was bent where it entered the reciever (I figure shipping damage, box looked like it was stepped on)

Of course, before claiming insurance from purolator, I went ahead and tried to bend it back hoping I wouldnt have to go through the trouble with purolator, snapping it right off.

I didnt have the gun for even 30 minutes before I voided the warrenty, and the insurance.

Oh, when taking the old barrel out, I saw this little piece of plastic fall out. Looked at it, said "Whats this plastic doing covering this little hole? Why would there be a hole that's just covered up?" and threw it out. Turns out I threw out the hopup.
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