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Your stupidest (harmless) airsoft mistake

I'm bored, and I figured this might be interesting, just to see what some of the more safety-conscious members have done =) Who knows, maybe some new guy will read this and it'll stop him from doing something dumb.

Here are my two big ones:

1) Target shooting in a spare room with a Glock 18c. We set up a cardboard box and suspended a paper target in the middle with tape at the open end. We were having a great time with the full-auto. Eventually I noticed that the bb's seemed to be recoiling pretty fiercely. When I went to investigate, I found that (hidden behind the chewed up target) the bb's had completely perforated the box. bb's were going through the target, out the back of the box, bouncing off the wall, and coming straight back through the box!

Result: SEVERELY dinged-up wall (counted 70 holes and gave up), trip to home depot for touch-up plaster stuff. Waste of time and money, embarassing explanation to parents (whose place I was living at at the time).

Lesson: if you want to use a cardboard box as a bb trap, put something impenetrable like a piece of carpet in the back so that bb's don't destroy the box.

2) Small game at my cottage with some friends. After careful explanation of rules and safety, one of my friends decided to (for chuckles) unload on another friend at about 6 feet on full auto while they were on the way into the field (they were on the same team, to defend a flag).

Result: big argument. Lots of yelling at the idiot.

Lesson: be really careful who you invite to play airsoft. Even past the magic number 18, people can be immature little pricks.
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