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UTG MP5 Version 2 review!


When I opened up my package from Sam at BC Airsoft Supply I was surpised to find that well the actually an inside out UTG box. Everything was perfect well almost everything because the package was really really really dusty due to shipping and such...and I had to compress air and vacuum the whole body of the gun. Other than that the craftsman ship is quite good. I will now proceed to get into the actual review...

Body of the gun...
The body of the gun is well built and you can see the imitation weld points at various places. Comparable to my TM MP5 SD5. It is quite resistant to scratches in comparison to my TM. However the fore grip feels a little wobbly at first but thats because you haven't put the battery inside yet. Once its inside it feels quite solid. The only bad thing is the flash hider which seems to be made out of a lower grade of plastic in comparison to the rest of the gun. It is easily screwed off...remember righty tighty and lefty have to work really hard at unscrewing the flash hider but its worth it. After you unscrew it just sand it down and paint it can pretty much hold the gun anywhere with one hand and it won't fall apart. Lack of trademarks made me sad...but oh well not like someone is actually go up close to you at a game and be like LOL you have 6 mm on your gun....ok I would do that but not everyone is a jerk like me...

It comes with 2 stocks and the sliding/retractable one is installed. I loved the sliding stock and it works really well. However I am a solid stock kinda guy so I just took the sliding one off and installed the solid stock. The butt plate of my solid stock was kind of warped so I just sanded it a bit and its beautiful now. The strap pins are well built. Removing the sliding stock was a bitch as there are these two small parts “clip spring and retaining pin” they are small and tend to bounce right yeah paint them florcent orange or something if you plan on swapping stocks a lot.

Battery and charger
They work great and don't have that awful battery smell other batteries and chargers have...just gets warm but not hot. The connectors fit snugly but you don't have to force them together.

The magazines they come with works well except the ugly winding wheel is white instead of a stealthy black...the fake bullets look...fake....

These are by far the oddest looking straps I've ever seen and I've yet to try them out...

Scope mount.
This thing fits great but I don't have a scope to go with it. But you can screw it on and hold the whole gun up by just the scope mount. All metal construction.

Operation of the gun.
Semi and Full auto works great roughly around the same FPS as my Stock TM MP5 SD5. ROF feels similar. I haven't tested accuracy since I'm still kind of sick and I don't feel like venturing outside and re-catching the flu or letting the sars regroup...

Links to my other thread for pics...

Where I got my UTG MP5...
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