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Originally Posted by Ziostilon
Originally Posted by sam0182
I'm American and travel back and fourth between boarders several times a week. If I were to personally transport airsoft anything across the boarder into Canada, it would be seized and my car would be torn apart. It doesn't matter if I own it personally, etc. etc.

I'm not even Canadian and it's my property

Doesn't matter - when you're in's their property ;-)

In country transportation of airsoft on aircraft is generally a different matter.

how did they even know there was airsoft in your car? unless when they asked what r u doing up in Canada? and ur like playing airsoft with my own gun. then that's a different story.
And i don't suppose they have any X-ray or heat sensor that can sense ur airsoft when its packed neatly inside ur trunk or elsewhere :hammer:
Like most people are saying in the other thread that you started.

Your a ******* idiot. Use your brain a bit more dude.
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