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playing somewhere that has insurance to cover itself like a PB field makes it so much easier to invite noobs and folks you don't know as well so that you arn't making your buddies family liable by playing there. DEFENSE FIRST.

Protect the place you play but first and always protect yourself as an organizer. You are liable in funny ways by organizing events. With the field owner talk about.
-walk on fees
-damage deposits
-getting respect as users (not having to pack up and go home because the PBs showed up)
-how your club can help out at the field-don't do anything with expectations that you'll get a sweet deal because you helped fix up the field. Talk about what you expect and what they should expect from you.
-if there is a falling out between the airsoft club and the field what you get to take off the field that belongs to you. Like a prenump in marrige.

Make sure that there will be no nasty surprises like doubled rates or "hey you broke my stuff, now you owe me $200 bucks".

We are done with the PB field we are at now becuase we have poured money and effort into fixing his liabilities and run down facility and now he doubled his rates so Prince George Airsoft is looking for a new home. We even got him a car (none running) but in great shape and he still can figure out why we are walking out. All the money we had as a club was going right back to his field anyway. His loss, we had some plans to help the place out.
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