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That just totally sucks

Sure, I guess we'll just get another pair of AEGs for use in Canada... It just feels bad because one is a highly customized AKM with real-steel parts (some 50% of its weight... okay, so I wouldn't risk taking this one with me anyway), the other one was built from the ground-up, an all-metal Diemaco C7A1, engraved trademarks and all... only recently completed (converted from what you see on the photos below) Oh well, building is half the fun, maybe one day we'll do it again

I just wanted to ask about one more thing - uniforms. Is it okay to take our BDUs on such a trip? That's 2 sets, CADPAT and Polish wz.93 "panther" camo, both with helmets, the polish set also comes with a camo bullet-proof vest (no ballistic inserts, though, it's just the fabric - thus reduced to a mere tactical vest). obviously, you guys know the CADPAT , heh heh... my wz.93 "panther" outfit looks like this:

Would the customs have any problems with our uniforms?? is it safe to take them with us?
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