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Originally Posted by Kokanee
Originally Posted by Rich_A
good thing I bought an M14 then . I think it's a good idea to play stock, I know even a paintball gun shooting 300fps can be dangerous to a degree.. at 400fps extremely dangerous. So a hard projectile at those speeds I imagine is more able to puncture skin.
Remember that there is alot less energy involved when it comes to airsoft, as the projectiles used are typically of the .2 - .3 gram variety. But yes, there is a reason most fields limit to 400fps for assault weapons and 450 for bolt action.

Did you buy a Mauri m14? They're great out of the box, and a pleasure to shoot. Extremely accurate and excellent range.
Yeah I just ordered a Marui M14 in OD Metal from Kelowna today. I'm very excited.

TM M14 :tup:
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