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Originally Posted by SKI
Originally Posted by Ricoius
Awesome review. I was considering this for my next rig. One question: Would two M4 mags with Magpuls fit into the pouches? From other pictures I've seen, it looks as if it may be a tight fit.
It fits with magpulls but it is a little snug. I found it easy to pull a single mag out but a little more difficult to put one in. If you plan to use a mag dump pouch, this would not be an issue. Out of all the pouches I've ever come across, I've liked the Eagle style the best. I wish they made them in Cadpat. I'm switching all the pouches on the vest to Cadpat and have to comprimise.
i recieved my ciras yesterday and as everyone has been saying, it's bloody awesome! putting mags in is a bit of a pain but getting them out is no problem at all so a dump pouch of some sort is a must. adjust it can be a bit tricky, what i did was pulled the release cord and re-adjusted it from scratch so i sort of know how everything went, i don't think it's exactly the same as in your pic shinj but it's tight and doesn't fall apart at all, plus itfits me very snugly! all in all a great vest! get one now!
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