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Best CA36 review I've seen other than Arnie's review on the C. :tup:

Regarding the scope, you might consider adding this little bit in:

The CA36's handle scope consists of a monocular suspended within the handle housing by rubber braces. The flex and stretchability of the rubber bracing is what allows the scope to be zeroed through the use of adjustment screws located on the right side and top of the scope handle. However, the nature of the scope's design means that it is inherently impossible to adjust the scope towards the right. The horizontal adjustment screw can only push the monocular tube left, it cannot pull it towards the right. In order to zero the scope towards the right, what one has to do is to dig their nails around the front of the monocular tube (careful not to touch the lens) and pull towards the right while tightening the elevation adjustment screw downwards, which will lock the tube in place. This fix shouldn't affect the zeroing process, since the scope tends to shoot quite high anyways.
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