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Originally Posted by Raygis LasVegas
How many brightness settings does the RDS have?

NONE! I was very disapointed at this, but in the sun shine of the game today, the dot was very diffucult to see. The RDS switch seems to has two settings - on & off! Now having said this, I don't know how long the batteries the unit came with have been laying around, so I'm off to Wally World tomorrow to see if they have a couple of lithium "N" batteries to try, but I won't get my hopes up.

Another MAJOR problem I had was with the battery port. It doesn't lock in place. Oh, it keys in and twists on, but there is nothing to prevent it from untwisting and launching itself out of the RDS unit. I lost it, and the battery pack, on the field, not once, not twice, but three times before I just took it out completely and put it in my pocket. This is an easy fix for my (have a dremel and tons of different bits) but it should have come from STAR with a locking cover. It is increadibly easy to come out. Rub your finger against it, rub your gear against it or just put you rifle down a bit too hard and out she pops!

So far those are the only gripes I have, one fixable, one maybe not.
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