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Glad to hear that Shlappy. Guess it was a minor problem. Does your top reciever also look a little weird too?

Igor- A rough measurement makes it 23ish mm, which i'm sure is actually 24 @ the threads themselves.

Went to a skirmish day today (Jan 14th +5 in Western Canada, go figure)

Overall I am very pleased with this gun. I ran it on a 9.6v battery for now as thats all I have, Full auto was very fast and the Semi shots very snappy. I'm not sure if I plan on using that for all the time or not but i'll play a few games like that to see how it holds up.
The hop-up was very easy to adjust and quite solid. The first few mags through the gun had a few wild shots but near the end of the day it was rock solid with a little bit of wear in. (Fired maybe two high caps worth in total)
Even though it has a shorter barrel the accuracy and range of this gun is very good. Using Guarder .20's for the day I was able to place shots where I wanted. Hopefully my side rails will come in soon so I can mount on my Kobra red dot.

I had as suspected an issue with feeding however. Because there is a rubber pad in the magwell it is causing issues with the mag not catching solid. I tried taking it out, but as it turns out this piece of rubber needs to be there, with no rubber the mags wobble everywhere.
In the time being I had to add some tape to the rear of the mag catch to keep it tighter.
It also seems that the Mag catch itself is short sized when compared even to the TM Ak. Either modding the catch itself, shaving some rubber off the magwell, or adding more material to the rear mag catchs of all my magazines is in order.

Still i'm very happy with this gun at the moment and hopefully none of the regular G&G issues occur with this gun.
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