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international air travel with airsoft gear

Hello everyone!

It's my first post here. I did try to find the answer to my question real hard, yet the results brought no clear answer... There is a topic on airsoft guns on airplanes, but it's all about flights within Canada itself, as far as I was able to understand.

Well, the thing is, I'm Polish, my wife is Canadian, we live in Poland but intend to be moving back and forth (Poland and Canada, of course) from time to time. We both play airsoft, and... well, here's where we have a problem.

Some people within the Polish airsoft community said they made a journey to Canada and back safely, with their AEGs in their cargo luggage. Other people, however (mostly Canadians), mention their guns being confiscated and destroyed.

it seems totally absurd - AEGs and airsoft itself are perfectly legal in Poland and in Canada, heck, it's even perfectly legal with the freakin' airline we use! The troublesome link in the chain seems to be the Canadian customs...

So, here comes the question...

Would I, a Polish citizen, have trouble bringing two airsoft rifles into Canada, and then back to Poland? It's not like I'd be importing it, I'm not even Canadian and it's my property, legal on both ends of the journey.

I really have no idea who to ask. Can anyone point me to what office/agency/service should I ask? Maybe I can get things cleared or at least explained prior to bringing them at all? Any information about who to ask would be appreciated, as I don't really know where to look for the Canadian customs office responsible for this particular case...
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