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Star Carry Handle For G36 With Scope & Red Dot with pics

While a G36 carry handle with both scope and RDS unit have been available for a while (from Dragon Arms) the scope was typically horrible to look through and the RDs was a dummy, not even see through and with a very low power laser built in. Now wiht Stars new entery, you can finally have a Bundeswehr-standard G36K, G36 or MG36 with a functional 3.5x scope and functional RDS (no laser).

The carry handle comes in a cardboard box containing the handle, 2 LR1 ("N"size) batteries (for the RDS) and, oddly, one mounting screw with one regular hex nut and one nylock hex nut on it. To install, remove the three screws from the original handle/rail, slide the assembly to the rear a bit and lift off. Reverse procedure to install the Star handle. Had mine on in all of five minutes and used a tiny bit of Locktite 222 on the screws so they wouldn't come out unless I want them to.

The finish is similar to G&P, a very dark grey, not quite black. So it sticks out from the black ABS TM uses, but that's ok for me. It doesn't rock or wiggle once installed. The scope recepticle is different from the Hensoldt version the real steel version uses but is clear and quite nice to use. It has range markings for 800 (8), 600 (6), 400(4) and 200(2) meters as well as three crosshairs, two below the main center one. The RDs is clear and, well, it's a dot. It runs on two batteries and has an "on/off" switch. The RDs is mounted a bit high, but I find I have a problem using the iron sights of the original G36C rail and the scope of the G&P carry handle when I wear goggles. So the height may be ok once I get used to it. Both scope and RDS appear to be adjustable for windage & elevation, but will test this weekend to be sure.

Going gaming this Saturday so I can report on performance (with the G&P "V" folding stock) later.
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