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[QUOTE=sam0182]I know some insurance companies are very against airsoft - even though the players are generally more mature and you have a whole lot less of that "12 year old taking off his mask as soon as he's hit" sort of deal! But nonetheless, it comes down to the individual insurance company and what their policy is.[QUOTE]

Originally Posted by Greylocks
To be legally responsible (and insured), you must be 18. Last I was told by someone who ran an airsoft field, the costs for insurance are rather insane... you need a better paying job than even I have.
Wow - where DO you get all this 'insurance' information from anyway?

I've seen enough commercial P&C (Property and Casualty) insurance policies over the past 3 years to safely say that I have never seen an endorsement or coverage that clearly states that 'Airsoft is not insured' - you might want to read up more about how Risk is handled with insurance companies.

Costs for insurance on a medium sized paintball field? Or Airsoft field for that matter? Depending on your coverages and broker, i've seen premiums written at about $1800 to $2500 depending on property. If you can't afford those costs believe me buddy the rental situation will destroy you.

To be legally responsible (and insured), you must be 18. - woah woah - I can insure my 2 yr old son with facility insurance should I wish. In what context do you use this - being that in order to be responsible for the field? It's likely that an incorporation would be the Named Insured/responsible entity - if he insured himself as the Named insured there would be no limits of liability and one bad accident would take him to the grave financially.

If you are serious about getting P&C insurance coverage on your field, don't hesitate to contact me for more information and/or a refferal to a insurance broker. It would be a good thing too if you actually OWNED the field...
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