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Thumbs up KSC Glock 26C

I just received a KSC Glock 26C today. I have owned a Tokyo Marui Glock 26 for several months now. I bought the KSC G26C because I just absolutely adore the Glock 26 baby frame, and to even think there's a full-auto version, well, I just had to splurge on it. Unfortunately, there was a lack of reviews on the internet, so I had no idea what to expect. After playing with my new toy, in hopes that others wont have to go through the same nervous wait as I did, I have decided that there are essential facts that need to be reported.
Update (48 hours after original post): Within 36 hours of owning the KSC G26C, I have sold both my Upg'd Full Metal TM Glock 26 and TM Chrome Desert Eagle v2. Yes, in my opinion, the KSC is that good. But there are a lot more things you need to know, so don't make you're opinion just yet!

The slide is like that of a TM EBB Glock: seems to be pretty cheap to the touch, but looks really nice, even at close inspection. The inscription of "G 26C MIL SPEC 9x19" and the serial numbers and markings on the barrel and left side of the slide are beautifully done. Very impressive. And the ports [terminology, anyone?] on the slide and barrel give it exactly the attitude a full-auto Glock 26 should. The ports are identical to those found on a real-steel Glock 18C, just scaled down to fit on the smaller pieces of the model 26. Finally, the front sights on both the KSC and the TM are plastic. The TM's rear sights are fixed metal, while the KSC's rear sights are adjustable plastic (they can slide completely off, but stay firmly in place unless intentionally moved).

When you first pick up the KSC, it feels a little bit on the light side. The gun, as well as the mag, are lighter than the Marui's, but only by a measly 45 grams. (The KSC is 580g, while my Upg'd Full Metal TM is 625g). The KSC, however, does seem to be just as sturdy as the Marui, except for the slide, which I'm fairly sure will have to be replaced within a few months of serious use of the full auto selection on propane, seeing as propane use with my Marui G26 only lasted a bittersweet 6 weeks (forcing me to upgrade to metal). But, I could be wrong. I'll update this review if it breaks.

Finally, the KSC's ABS lower frame seems to be less slippery than the TM's... The plastic feels very... "dry," is the word I want to use, when compared to the Mauri's lower frame, which in my opinion, is a good thing. As well, the frame appears to be much duller than the Marui's. TM's is really shiny, considering it's just ABS plastic. View the pictures afterwards, to see what I mean.

On the KSC's lower frame is inscribed "MIL SPEC STANDARD, NSN 1005-66-132-7731" & "US.Lot.4.539.889, 4.825.744 4.893.546," while TM's lower frame reads, "MADE IN JAPAN ASGK, TOKYO MARUI CO.,LTD." & "GAS BLOW BACK SYSTEM, 0199 TMC-AD/JA." Unfortunately however, on the KSC, nowhere to be found is an actual Glock logo, while the Marui proudly boasts three!

I prefer the KSC's lower frame for both of these reasons, even though I believe it to be weaker than the ABS the Marui is made of (because I am anal when it comes to maintaining and caring for my guns). I would recommend not dropping the KSC on the ground, while the Marui... You can throw it at the floor... It will probably be good for it. (j/k!!) Seriously though, the TM eats up regular use and abuse, no problem. I'm not so sure if I can say the same for this KSC.

The KSC seems to function great, just as good as the TM, if not better. I much prefer the sound of the KSC, *crack,* to the *pop* of the TM. On full-auto, it makes exactly the sound you are hoping for: BR-R-R-R-R-R-R-RAH!!

The KSC G19 mag my G26C came with, in my honest opinion, absolutely sucks when compared to my TM G26 mag, but maybe after a little use it will wear in and not be such a hassle. Right now though, I hate it. Worse yet, my TM G26 mag does NOT fit the KSC G26C's mag well, and I was told that it would.
Update (24 hours after original post): Again, this is already starting to get worked in. I applied some light silicone oil to where the sliding plastic pieces and spring are, and now they move alright (still not as well as my older Marui mag, but again I can remember when it was brand new, it was just as much of a pain in the arse.)
Update: (48 hours after original post): I have ordered the KSC Extended (50 Round) Magazine, which is apparently exactly like the G19 mag the gun came with, just longer... much longer... Yumm! Erm, anyway, yes, with every reload, the mag is becoming easier to use, as I am learning tricks! If you pull the BB follower to the very bottom, it locks into place, allowing you to easily drop the BBs into the mag, with or without the supplied loading tool that comes in the box. This is nothing like the TM mag, where you have no choice but to pop each BB into the magazine, one at a time, while holding the BB follower down with your thumbnail!

But back to the main topic... The gun! HOLY SHIT!! This thing is NUTS! On automatic, I can't even tap the trigger without unloading at least 3 or 4 rounds! Holding the trigger unloads the whole magazine (20 rounds) in 1.25 or 1.5 seconds, and it's pretty accurate, allowing one to easily hit tangos from 35, even 40 feet. You definitely don't want to be on the other end of this tiny beast! On HFC134a (Duster Gas) it shoots 230 FPS, but when injected with Propane, the 26C comes to life, firing BBs at an impressive 315 FPS!

A quick message to anyone who hasn't yet tried a KSC Auto Glock, or I guess a fully automatic GBB in general: PICK ONE UP, ASAP!!!

I got the privilege of first test firing it in the cold, when the propane sprays out all over the place and it looks like smoke!! I know, propane is less powerful in the cold, and I think the gas efficiency goes down as well (?), but let me tell you, it made QUITE a first impression!

A huge explosion in a tiny package! For the $265+GST+S/H I payed for it ($310 total @ Rangers Airsoft), it was definitely worth every penny.

I give my new toy an 8.75 out of 10, although I'm seriously considering saying 9...

Thanks in advance to anyone that has anything positive or informative to add, and I hope this comparative review was useful!

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