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Urban warfare training in winnipeg

This as it was written in my local paper in fort McMurray, Alberta

Downtown Winnipeg to host urban warfare training excercise

Winnipeg - Parts of downtown Winnipeg will look like an armed camp as part of a military operation this spring meant to train soldiers for the modern battlefield.

Exercise Charginf Bison will begin April 30 and will continue seven days and nights, involving more than 500 army troops, backed by helicopters, armoured vehicles and artillery.

It is believed to be the largest urban warfare training excercise ever held in Canada.

Col. Kelly Woiden, commander of 38 Brigade said the drill is to simulate the kind of complex conditions soldiers would encounter in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq, where conventional warfare is conducted simultaneously with humanitarian relief operations and nation building.

"This is different that traditional training when the infantry were facing open ground in front of them, with soldiers in a different uniform," Woiden said.

"This is much more complex because we don't know who the enemy is or where the threats are."

This may or maynot be found online here
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