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Originally Posted by Magix7
heh the slide really does scuff up easily doesn't it? But i think it gives i character :wink: nonetheless it does look awful pretty :-P makes me jealous lol
can't wait till someone comes out with a metal slide for the 4.3
Hi Magix, just to nit-pick a little, we're just talking about the chamber and outer barrel. My slide is still stock ABS. I *think* the guts of the 4.3 and 5.1 are the same, but the barrel length is different. Since the shooters design kit is sold as a seperate chamber and barrel, it would seem plausible that this same chamber could be used in the 4.3 with the addition of a shorter outer barrel, again assuming the guts were the same? It would be interesting to keep an eye on Shooters Design to see if they release such a barrel.

Having said that, I feel the matte black ABS chamber and outer barrel native to the 4.3 look fine out of the box compared to the tacky chromed ones the 5.1 ships with. Its not such a fashion crisis with the 4.3 :lol: Also, I'd make sure to stick with a plain metal version rather than black should one come to exist as the scuffing would stand-out more.
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