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Originally Posted by Sgt_Lynch
Originally Posted by ILLusion
i don't mind the money and will continue to sell parts and accessories, but performing labour on gun upgrades and repairs is not where I want to go towards.
Yeah, I did that for 3-4 years. It's just too time consuming. Average upgrade can take 3-8 hours depending on the gun and upgrades. Multiply that by 4 or 5 guns a week... it's a friggin full time job.
No doubt.

The labour itself, I can get done pretty quick.. typically 1 hour, with hardly any ever going over 2 hours unless it's a real problem repair or a custom modification. I charge accordingly, rather than a flat rate to make sure I'm compensated properly, but I end up losing a lot of time on consultation when it comes to this stuff. That's where I don't charge and it severely cuts into my time.
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