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Hey guys I have these uber leet airsoft guns for sale, full metal, each come with 50 mags and hell I'll even throw in a shit load of expensive gear at no charge. All I want is $1000 from each of ya.

Of coarse I don't actually have any of these items but from the way things operate on here I can jerk all you suckers around for months, if not years interest free. That is assuming I even return your money.

Stop being suckers.

You know why I'm pissed off? I hate seeing decent people (although your partly to blame) allowing themselves to be screwed around endlessly. Eventually I'll get burned aswell because I have no way to know if someone I'm dealing with is a scumbag because no one can leave a negative rating.

My dog died, I got into a car accident, I got herpes from my girlfriend who just broke up with me ... fuck off. These excuses are lame and so played. Fucking pathetic. I like how no one "has any time" ... They must work 24 hours a day. I have three jobs, and I still have time.

Leaving someone a negative rating will not detroy their F-ing life, it will just warn others that a transaction had complications. Stop being so afraid you pansies.
Few individuals would view themselves as barbarous, no, instead they view themselves in a different light, a distorted reality that justifies who they are and what they have done.
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