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I agree with MadMorbius, you can't let things slide, if a deal goes badly, give a negative rating and leave comments.

Allstarr isnt a bad guy, he jsut gets excited about something and jumps on it before thinking. I remember the past summer he bought a TM MP5 A4 from someone locally, like 3 days later he was back in the forums selling it. I asked him if something was wrong with it, he said no it was in perfect working order, he just decided he didn't want a mp5 anymore he wanted a m4 (i think) instead.

But the Buy/Sell ratings arent for rating the people as people, they are about rating them as people to deal with, someone could be the nicest guy you ever met and be a nightmare to deal with, another guy could be a total jackass of a human being but be a great seller.

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