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Probably should read the whole thread... so as to not replicate sentiment.

but here is my opinion.

Milsim.. is about objectives.. outside of just shooting the other guy. There needs to be an aim or goal outside of the simple task of finding and shooting the other guy.
These goals must entail the manifestation of skills and abilities beyond the ability to tote 3 highcaps and a trigger finger immune to cramping.

Navigation, observation, notetaking, communication,movement, tactics,teamwork and the ability to stick to the task with a view to the larger picture is critical. Dicipline to remember the mission objectives when in contact with opposition is key.
And sadly more often observed in its absence. This is a function of leadership, keeping players on task. Command elements must lead.. and in the context of games.. players have to agree to follow.. or the simulation devolves to chaos.

And a good story to give context to the action is important to get engagment of the participants. Players .. like soldiers perform best when they know *why* they are doing something.

to give some examples of what I mean...

The first game at EOTEC is set up as an area recce. Both teams will be tasked to perform area recce. and to avoid contact in order to ensure task 1 is completed. Task 2 will be to observe the enemy to determine strengths and dispositions. task 3 will be to conduct a fighting patrol to contact and eliminate the enemy.. using the information gathered in task 1 and 2.

And the overall point of the whole exercise is to gather direct observation of the enviroment of this new field for the creation of detailed maps for future use.

I have created a "political" framework for the actions of both the teams. A framework that I will employ again and again to provide continuety over a series of games. I have a story arc outline planned roughly for the entire proposed season of games at EOTEC so that over time missions will have historical context and previous results will affect future game development to reflect the wider scale conflict between the insurgent PLAG forces and the Private Military Contractors hired to deal with them.

Now... what would be cool is to expand this political framework and storyline to incorporate games in other locations so that this "struggle" can be province wide.. Then we are talking about games that last months.. not just hours.
I am already inserting elements of the storyline into our indoor CQB games at TTAC3.. So that regular players will start to see the story play out over the longer term.

See the game thread about this Friday's game to see the opening action of the PLAG forces
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