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Originally Posted by Cushak
I did leave negative feedback, and the only way I'll change it to neutral with a warning to buyers is if I get the money back. I left the feedback when I started this thred.

This is WRONG. You don't use the feedback system as leverage, you use it to warn others of UNTRUSTWORTHY INDIVIDUALS.

Say your deal worked out in the end, and although it takes weeks to get there you decide to change your feedback to neutral. You've now put your reputation on the line and glossed over the fact that the individual tried to fuck you in the first place.

BAD SELLERS GET BAD RATINGS. Don't feel like you're obligated to leave good feedback! If you're not completly satisfied with the transaction, FUCK 'EM.

Cause I'll tell ya, if I make a sale or a purchase based on good feedback and later start reading posts about people who had bad deals and didnt take the time to warn others, you'll get bad feedback from me for MISLEADING me into trusting the individual in question.

The system is in place to warn EVERYONE, and if you gloss over a bad deal by leaving positive feedback, you're almost as bad.
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what if it model after his?
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