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Glad you are interested. I must adivse you do not use butane unless you are plinking. I have used butane for a little now and it works fine as long as the mag is warm (you can probably guess why). As for the mag seals, they were leaking, I put in some more and it works perfectly at any amount now. I will be posting a picture in like 5 minutes of the power of this beast against its bigest enemy... A 5.56mm bullet.
P.S. The pics that I and posting are REAL!!!

The bullet is an empty shell. I handloaded them myself. I used .223/5.56mm brass w/ .222 remigton bullets, it is an empty plinking target which is safe (and a shit load of fun to shoot, I have like 100 more if ppl want to buy some off me... :nod: )

You may be surprised by the mark lift on that bullet. I know this question will come up so I am saying it now. I used my KJW M92F Full Metal GBB, NO Upgrades whatsoever. I used Crosman .12g bb's (Yes .12g crosman as shown in the pics posted, I got em at CT. They also sell 10,000 packs of camo ammo but thats not the point) I used a can of Ronson butane light fluid which worked rather well if you have some time to spare. I shot from 5 metres away from the bullet. Nothing was added/ done to it to make my gun stornger and/or to make the bullet weaker. This is a KJW M9 with .12g bbs and butane lighter fluid just to clear things up. :roll: Okay, now to move on...
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