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Originally Posted by Greylocks
Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker
Originally Posted by yanhchan
Wait are you telling me people pay good money to dress up in all their gear and just sit at the safe zone all day??? Whoa...i guess if they're hurt its understandable but wow...just wow...

Actually, most of those you describe show up to have pics taken all day in their uber hi-speed gear, in cool poses and such, and when finally bitched at for not playing, they relcutantly head out to play and won't even kneel in the dirt in case they put a scratch or two on their brand new (only a year or two old you know) Hatch kneepads. Also easily ID'd as the only ones who are completely dry and clean at the end of the day, even if it rained constantly. :lol:
Or they are the ones for whom kneeling or lying on cold wet ground means limping for a week or simply not getting up without help.
Arthritis sounds really stupid and wussy until you learn just how much spectacular pain it means. I'd like to emphasize the 'spectacular' part.
In no way was I refering to those that have health issues Greylocks. Only those that spend more time keeping clean and getting pics taken than actually trying to accomplish what the team is doing (playing the mission no matter what) on the field.

Myself, I'm a chairsofter most of the time (only get out to actually PLAY twice per month on average), the rest of the time I'm on forums digging around or answering questions (Pms upon PMs sent to me regularly). Hey, my thoughts on chairsofting? "Can't play airsoft 24/7!"
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