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*UPDATED*KJW M92F Full Metal Review w/VFC QD Surpressor

I have always been a great follower of beretta and their guns. But the gun that mainly caught my eye was the Beretta M92F. Although the real steel version has its flaws, the airsoft version is flawless. Christmas day came and I opened up presants from the family. What to get other than a brand new KJW Full Metal M92F! I picked up the rather realistic peice of airsoft gun and immediately locked the slide. I found that the magazine was already in the gun, rather than being in a seperate section of the strophoam.

This was a part I forgot to add before. It includes everything that came in the box and all of the other misc. stuff about the gun.

So, I opened up the box to see a little blue box off 100 .20's I guess. I examined them quickly only to notice that they were perfect white spheres. Surprisingly they were just packed in the little box with no plastic bag containing them like many marui's do. Than there was the loading rod. I thought that this would be a good note considering that it may help me, but I was wrong. Countless times I have tried to use it and it slipped and bb's flew everywhere. Next, I saw that this gun came with a couple paper bullseye targets. I hate using the ones it comes with, cause there so nice. So I went onto My Targets and printed myself some.

Some weird problems have been reported with this gun such as bbs rolling out of the barrel or bbs coming out of the ejection port. Problem solved. The bbs comming out of the ejection port is a misfeed. When the blowback action kicks in, the gas ejector/ bb feeder (sry, bad terminology) that puts another bb into the chamber misfeeds, the bb fails to re-cycle into the chamber and gets "flinged" out of the ejection port. Not a big problem. As for the bb rolling out the barrel, I just looks like another misfeed.

First Impressions: I examined the gun carefully, being the detail freak I am, I can not have any flaws. The paint is a rather smooth and detailed finish, top notch! There have been many reports of this gun, being full metal, having a sticky slide. In this case the gun was well oiled and clean!

Next I looked at the realism of the gun. I saw that the gun has KJW Traded grips. Although it has a cool logo, it looks kind of fake. I ordered hogue grips cause I like them better anyways. Furthur inspecting the gun I saw that it is fully articulte and has all of the normal beretta details other than the obious no trades. This didnt bother me at all.

As many people have mentioned, the slide and the mag are a bit rattaly. In my opinion, this makes the gun feel cooler (wonder is cooler is a word). The overall build quality is fantastic! It has an outstanding feel to it due to its full metal construction. I will be going to a gun store to pick up my hogue grips later, I will compare.
The sights are also well done on the gun. They arent adjustable nor are they removable. The front sight has a small drilled dot that should be painted white or some other colour. I am going to leave it the way it is. Or not...

White Painted sights

Moving Parts: This gun is outstanding! I would now examine all of the external moving parts. I looked at the slide first. As I mentioned before, the first thing I did was I locked the slide. It has a nice smooth action. It is well oiled and not to stiff. Next I looked at the trigger and the hammer. It has a beautiful, smooth, and light trigger pull with a satisfying "click" when dry fired. As far as I know, my trigger spring is fine. When I mannually cock back the gun, it also has a smooth pull to it. Now, for the silide lock. This is the only part I was a little dissappointed in, the slide lock works great but it is a little rattly, this makes me fell like its going to pop off.

I than examine the mock decocker which is a safety on the gun. I am afraid it will not go all the way down when I want to put the gun in safe mode.

Although it works great, Its a little sticky. Next is the fun part, the mag release and the mag itself. The mag realease button has a great location on the gun. It is conveinently located parallel to the trigger guard. When you push the button the mag slides out nicely. Next, the mag itself. I looked at it carefully, it holds in the gun great.


This has always been a nerve racking for me. Other than paintball guns, I have had no dissesembly backround. Thankfully after reading many reviews, it has to be the most easiest things for this gun. All you do is take out the mag, cock the gun back, push the button on the right side of the gun, pull the lever on the left side of the gun, and the silde practically falls out. Now, I had no clue how to take out the outer barrel and the recoil spring? But they simply slide out. It takes a little fumbling but its easily taken out and put back in. I will be posting pics shortly.

People have been saying the you should take the slide off and sand down the slide rail to a mirror finish using 1000 grit sand paper. I will do this, because it is easily accessed. As for oiling the gun, everything is nicely open for easy maitenence.

Wear & Failures to date:

Great, my trigger spring broke a couple of days ago, and to top off the cake, my mag broke to. Great! I have placed an order from shooters choice (gun store) for a new trigger spring and should be comming soon. I have sum pics to demonstrate my point.

Broken Trigger Spring after about 1000-2000 shots.

Trigger Spring completely removed

My safety flew off when I was plinking, but it was an easy fix. The screw holding the safety in just got loose and it fell off, no biggy. Its as good as new.


Tee hee... The fun Part. I got my Ai Adapter off of Madmax (BTW great serivce) and I am finally able to write my full review. So... I found some old propane bottles in my basement that is sutable for the adapter. So i went into my backyard (dont worry im not stupid, enclosed area suitable for propane) and gassed up my mag. I had to wait for about 10 seconds for my mag to completely fill, and even still in the winter, it can only exert about 1 mag.

So im gassing... and gassing.. and finally full. I finally learned to use the loading rod the correct way so it isnt as wobbly and it is acutally easy to use now. I picked my mag mags (Oh yeah, I have 3 of them) and loaded it into my gun. I pulled the slide back with a satisfying and smooth "clink. My hammer was back and I was ready to shoot...

I set up a cardboad target about 70ft. away from my stance and pulled the trigger numerous times. I had some satisfying hits. People (including me) have said that there was a right shot to the gun. After testing this gun myself with propane, I found that my KJW has a nice straight shot. . Horray for me!!! LOL, anyways it has a powerful shot that is able to put holes through coke bottles and blowing small containers to the ground.

This gun has amazing accuracy and power. It has a nice hard, consistant hit and a nice feeling to the gun....

I will be updating this review fequently until I get bored. I am sure that there is more info that I could add, but as for now...I am to lazy.

I know, im not a great writer.

Sorry for the bad grammer and spelling, I will be updating frequently.

Power Pics (Butane, .12g bbs, 5m distance)

Hope you liked the review. PM me if you want some info on the gun. :cheers:

BTAP made me want to update this review. I got my silencer in the mail today and just wanted to show it off (not many people have this model from what I can see) Enjoy:

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